Chiropractic tables from Zenith, Lloyd, Atlas, Thuli and Gyrst Fusion


shockwave equipment from Richard Wolf and EMS Medical


Cervical chairs, knee chest bench



FL Medical is owned and managed by FL Automatic, which is a many sided smithy and machine shop with more than 30 years of experience. Sales and servicing of chiropractic equipment started out as a niche but has through the years grown bigger and has expanded the product range  Our experience from the machine shop does that we can use our knowledge and experience from these tasks when we repair and service your equipment or produce our own equipment in our production.

We are ready to guide you when choosing new treatment equipment and we facilitate workshops in eg. shockwave equipment. You find us at conferences and exhibitions within the industry.

Competent guidance about the best economic solution for your clinic.


From time to time we facilitate workshops in shockwave treatment. If you would like a presentation of our shockwave equipment, ultrasound equipment and chiropractic treatment equipment either in your clinic or in our showroom in Randers, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Chiropractic equipment

chiropractic tables from leading suppliers Do you need to get your chiropractic table serviced or repaired? Or do you need to replace our old table or expand your clinic with another table? For more than 35 years we have delivered and offered service on chiropractic tables in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany and our service […]

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Shock wave equipment

for shock wave treatment Shock waves – both radial and focused shock waves – transfers energy to the damaged tissue in the form of sound waves and have a positive impact on the tissue metabolism and blood circulation. The stimulation of the biological repair capability creates an optimal healing process. Shock wave therapy is a […]

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