Atlas Clinical – chiropractic tables

Atlas Clinical – chiropractic tables

from Atlas Clinical

Atlas Clinical in the United Kingdom has more than 34 years of experience in producing and distributing chiropractic tables and is one of the leading suppliers in Europe. When developing a chiropractic table they focus on functionality and an ease and simple operation of the table. They value patient comfort and an attractive look. 

New Atlas Clinical treatment table for your clinic

As exclusive distributor of Altas Clinical tables, we supply these tables to customers in Scandinavia and we are able to supply all available models. As exclusive distributor of Atlas chiropractic tables in Scandinavia, we are able to deliver all available models and we are ready to advice you in your choice of your next Atlas table.

If you need repair of your chiropractic table or your table needs servicing, we are ready to help you. We can service your Atlas treatment table, change defect parts and if needed we can reproduce spare parts in our own workshop.