Thuli chiropractic table

Thuli chiropractic table

from Thuli Tables

A Thuli chiropractic table is the best choice, when you focus on functionality, durability and aesthetics. Since early 80's when the founder of Thuli Tables started his studies on Palmer College, he has been interested in designing and manufacturing chiropractic tables. Thuli Tables focuses on highly functional, extremely durable and aesthetical pleasing adjustable tables. Aesthetic is expressed through choice of material and on Thuli tables you often find a combination of wood, metal and vinyl.

New chiropractic Thuli table for your clinic

If you need a new Thuli chiropractic table for your clinic, we can supply all models from Thuli Tables and we would like to advice you on the choice of your next chiropractic table. 

If your  Thuli table needs servicing or a repair, please do not hesitate to contact Michael. Together we will find the best solution to your problem.