Zenith treatment tables

Zenith treatment tables

from Williams Healthcare Services

Williams Healthcare Services, who produces the popular Zenith treatment table, has more than 100 years of experience in producing and distributing chiropractic tables all over the world. The founder was a chiropractor himself and took part in developing the first Zenith table. Today the company is focused on delivering high quality tables at a competitive price 

Zenith treatment tables is available in both quite simple versions and in very advanced versions with different drops, elevation possibilities and as portable treatment tables or as stationary treatment tables. 


From 1 of July 2018 FL Medical will be the exclusive distributor of Zenith treatment tables in the Northern European market.

New Zenith treatment table for your clinic

We are able to deliver all models of treatment tables from Zenith and would be pleased to advice you in your choice of your next Zenith table. Perhaps you are considering replacing your exiting Zenith table or need a Zenith table more for your clinic. Michael Christensen is ready to guide you in choosing the right Zenith treatment table for your clinic.

If you need servicing or repair of your Zenith treatment table, do not hesitate to contact us. We can service your Zenith table, replace defect parts or even reproduce spare parts for older Zenith tables.