new standards for focused shock wave therapy

The Piezowave² shock wave equipment from Richard Wolf in Germany sets new standards for focused shock wave therapy. Piezowave² shock wave equipment can treat patients with focused, linear and planar shock waves and can be used on several injuries and indications.

About Piezowave² shock wave equipment

  • For ESWT and TSPT therapy
  • Piezo technology offers the possibility for deeper penetration
  • Easy installation -plug and treat
  • Mobile device
  • App support from I-pad

Technical specifications 

  • Application pressure: 0.018 - 0.160 mJ/mm2
  • Working pressure up to 4 Bar
  • Wide range of energy settings
  • Maximal penetration depth 100 mm 
  • Foot and hand control possible
  • For further information on shock wave equipment or a demonstration of the equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.