Shock wave equipment

Shock wave equipment

for shock wave treatment

Shock waves - both radial and focused shock waves - transfers energy to the damaged tissue in the form of sound waves and have a positive impact on the tissue metabolism and blood circulation. The stimulation of the biological repair capability creates an optimal healing process.

Shock wave therapy is a good alternative to well known treatment methods and when offering shock wave therapy in your clinic you will after 1 day course be able to:

  • Increase your profit with up to Euro 3000 pr. month
  • Expand your customer base
  • Treat injuries such as plantar fasciitis, elbow pains, tibial pains etc.

Minimum investment - maximum earnings

You can lease both the radial and focused shock wave equipment from the Swiss Dolorclast® and the Richard Wolf range, which means that with a minimum of investment pr. Month you will be able to increase your earnings with up to 3000 euros per month and use spare capacity in your clinic.

If you need further information about the equipment, take a look at our webpage or contact us for a demonstration of the equipment.

Shock wave treatment workshops

At our 1 day workshops, you will be introduced to the theory behind shock waves,  how shockwave treatment is working, a thorough review of the examination procedures together with a supervised examination of the equipment, you will be ready to offer shock wave treatment in your clinic.

On a regular basis we facilitate workshops in Denmark - you find further information about the workshops here

We offer the following equipment:

We provided both shock wave equipment for both focused and radial shock wave treatment of your patients.


Piezowave² shockwave

Longest -2500 s

lgt2500s shockwavemaskine

Shock wave treatment in the world of sport

At the local football club Randers FC, their physioterapist has used shock wave treatment as a part of his treatment offers for the players. Several players have been treated with shock wave therapy and this treatment has kept them in the game og reduced their pains. If you need further information about the use of shock wave treatment in the world of sport, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Shock wave therapy for riding horses

Shock wave therapy on riding horses has shown positive effect on a lot of damages. Especially damages on the digital tendons can with success be treated with shock waves. We have special shock wave treatment equipment for vets. You can find further information on shockwave equipment for veterinarians here. 

More information

If you need further information on shock wave equipment and treatment with shock waves, please do not hesitate to contact us.