supplier of Swiss DolorClast® equipment

Since 1999 the Swiss company EMS has set new standards for shock wave therapy (ESWT) They are market leaders worldwide and has more than 5000 pieces of equipment in operation throughout the world. Their equipment offers everything you need for an effective shock wave therapy treatment of your customers. So if you want to offer your customers effective treatment of e.g. mouse arm, tennis elbow, pains in the achilles tendon, calcification tin the shoulder, jumpers knee, plantar fasciitis or similar conditions, shock wave therapy is a good choice. Shock wave therapy solves your customers problems without surgery, treatment with cortisone or use of medicines.

General characteristics for  Swiss DolorClast® equipment

  • High quality equipment in a compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Short pay back time
  • Easy to install, and maintain and reliable
  • Patented technology Pneumatic generated shock waves
  • Portable shock wave device Wide range of treatment indications
  • Documented effect

You find further information about EMS on their website and should you have any questions related to their equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.