Evo Blue applicator

Evo Blue applicator

the precise hand piece

The precise controlled, compressed pulse accelerates a projectile in the hand piece to a high-speed with µ precision. When the projectile hits the applicator in the hand piece a low to high energy shock wave is generated and transferred to the treatment area. This hand piece has stepless setting of energy level.
The Evo Blue applicator has a modern, strong design and an adjustable working distance. New technology generates constant high energy level and a better clinical outcome.

General characteristics for Evo Blue applicator

  • Generates low to high energy shock waves (up to 0,55 MJ/mm2)
  • Integrated impulse count and impulse trigger
  • Compatible with Swiss Master and Smart
  • Optimizes the penetration depth in the tissue

For further information about the Evo Blue applicator or a demonstration of the shock wave equipment, please feel free to contact us.