Swiss Dolorclast®

The Swiss DolorClast®-method has changed orthopedic pain therapy. Swiss DolorClast® is a small, effective and easy to move shock wave equipment. It is easy to install - just plug and treat.
Swiss DolorClast® ensures a gentle but effective treatment with pneumatic shock waves in the pain area. You can easily change the impulse frequency within adefined area which makes it possible to adjust the treatment time. One treatment with 2000 impulses takes less than 5 minutes. The touch screen makesit easy to adjust the equipment and guidance is provided directly on the screen.

About Swiss DolorClast® Master:

  • Radial shock waves
  • Mobile device
  • Touch screen for easy adjustment and guidance
  • Ergonomic Evo Blue applicator
  • Easy installation - just plug and treat
  • Low system maintenance cost

Technical specifications for Swisss DolorClast® Master

  • Variable operating frequency: 1-20 Hz
  • Application pressure: 0 - 0.55 mj/mm2
  • Working pressure 6-8 Bar
  • Pre-setting of impulse rate
  • Automatic impulse count
  • FDA- approved

For further information or a demonstration of the shock wave therapy equipment please contact us on +45 86445122 or E-mail