Smart 20

Smart 20

Swiss Dolorclast®

Swiss DolorClast® Smart20 is a small and handy model for radial shock wave therapy. The Smart 20 equipment is easy to bring to different locations and is delivered with standard equipment.

About Swiss DolorClast® Smart 20:

  • Radial shock waves
  • Mobile device
  • Easy installation - plug and treat
  • Low system maintenance cost
  • Ergonomic Evo Blue applicator

Technical specifications:

  • Variable operating frequency: 1-8 Hz
  • Application pressure: 0 -0.55 mj/mm2
  • Working pressure 6-8 Bar
  • Pre-setting of impulse rate
  • Automatic impulse count

For further information or a demonstration of the shock wave therapy equipment please contact us on +45 86445122 or send us an e-mail